How TapSnap Reinvented Event Entertainment

Not your Average ‘Photo Booth’

TapSnap is a photo entertainment platform, unlike any you’ve seen before. Customers book TapSnap every day for an endless variety of events because we can do it all.

Add in our Social Photographer, SnapCast, and Sharing Station products and we can build a custom event experience for any occasion. Our suite of products also means that we can offer a range of services and price points to suite any customer’s needs.

A Typical TapSnap Event

OK, so there’s no such thing as a typical TapSnap event; you might do a three-day grand opening for a major department store midweek and then a 200-guest Bat Mitzvah on the following Saturday. The beauty of TapSnap is that it’s a chameleon; customizable and configurable to a wide array of events. As we say, TapSnap is two businesses in one, perfect for social and corporate events.

Social Events

When we talk about TapSnap for Social Events, TapSnap becomes a Social Media Photo Booth. Parents organizing Sweet 16s and Mitzvahs or brides planning weddings are looking for fun and unique guest entertainment; sometimes specifically a photo booth. This is TapSnap’s advantage; we can do everything a basic photo booth can do and more.

Guests are engaged by creating one-of-a-kind photos or GIFs with digital props, green screen backgrounds, and personalized messages, which they can then instantly share with family and friends who couldn’t make it; they can even print a copy as a tailor-made party favor. To personalize the experience even more, the photo booth can be skinned to match the party theme, photos can be pre-programmed with the occasion’s date, and the guest(s) of honor can even be turned in to a digital prop! For the security conscious parent, our social media features can be turned off for events with younger guests and albums can be password-protected.

National and Local Corporate Events

Our corporate clients want to know how we can help promote their brand, engage with their customers, and then turn those customers in to brand ambassadors; this is when TapSnap becomes a Photo Marketing Experience!

Many of the world’s largest companies choose TapSnap because they know we will showcase their brand, entertain their customers, and collect important marketing data. Just like with social events, we can skin the photo booth, in fact we can brand every step of the experience from screen to social share page to automated email; helping to increase their brand exposure not just with those in attendance but with their guests’ social networks as well.

Driven by our Corporate Sales Team, who book and manage national corporate events for franchisees, we have successfully executed high profile events all around the globe. That’s why many of the world’s top brands such as Coca Cola, Maserati, and Walmart have used us for everything from in-store product launches to 26-city movie premieres. You’ll never know where your TapSnap will take you!