Who Makes a Good TapSnap Franchisee?

TapSnap franchisees come from all walks of life, from retired veterans, stay-at-home moms, and experienced franchise owners to executives, recent university graduates, and firefighters. There is no single background or education level which determines success, however, there is one trait that all successful TapSnap franchisees share in common – their fun and outgoing personalities.

Our Franchisees

As varied as their backgrounds may be, our franchisees’ personal and financial goals also cover a diverse array. The beauty of a TapSnap franchise versus other opportunities is that depending on your financial situation and level of comfort, you can still keep your full-time job, while working your TapSnap franchise on the evenings and weekends. Once you get your franchise to where you feel that doing it full-time makes sense for you, you can transition to doing it full-time.

TapSnap franchise owners tend to fall into the following categories:

The Empire Builder

These franchisees may keep their full-time jobs to start, but they are looking to transition to TapSnap full time; which they do by putting in those extra hours after work and on weekends. They may have started with two units, but given the demand, they now have four to six, along with a staff of event attendants who can do events on their own. They have become the go-to name in event entertainment in their community and can rely heavily on word of mouth and their solid reputation to get the majority of their events.


The Next Act

They are retired or nearing retirement and looking for a way to stay busy but on their terms. Unlike with most jobs, TapSnap owners can set their own hours, determine how much they want to work, and be their own bosses. They are not necessarily looking for a full-time job, but instead something to keep them active on evenings and weekends. Running a TapSnap franchise is a great way for them to stay connected to their community and gives them an opportunity to get out there and socialize.

The Family Plan

These owner-operators usually run their TapSnap franchises as husband-and-wife teams, sibling partners, or parents and adult children who are looking to earn extra income for their futures. One or both members may maintain full or part-time work, but both chip in with running the business. Depending on their strengths, one might focus on sales and lead management while the other might shine at events. No matter the makeup, they are fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams with their own TapSnap business.

Recipe for Success

The above categories are the general groups we tend to attract, if you don’t fall in to one of them, don’t worry! We also have a great mix of franchisees with unique backgrounds. The biggest determiner of finding success will be whether or not you possess the qualities needed to get out there and book events.

People Person

You love meeting new people and striking up conversations with complete strangers. You feel excited before a big event and look forward to getting there and meeting new people. Our franchisees are the life of any party, engaging guests, encouraging funny poses, and charming everyone they encounter. Our franchisees know that our customers come first and foremost.


TapSnap is not a passive business; you cannot just sit back and wait for customers to call you. You will need to network and market your franchise within your Marketing Area. Ask any of our franchisees and they will tell you, “you get events by doing events”, so you’ll need to get out there and sell the fun and entertainment of TapSnap to potential customers.


Once you have an event you will want repeat business and to generate referrals, which is why setting up early, keeping a clean workspace, and dressing appropriately are so important to the overall professionalism of your event. Every time you interact with a customer or a potential customer you should be your professional best. Remember you are not just representing yourself, but every TapSnap franchisee.


You do not need to have experience running your own business – many of our franchisees don’t. However, you should be organized, able to adhere to policies and procedures, and know how to plan and manage budgets.

Team Player

Becoming a franchisee means you are joining a team, a team of like-minded franchisees and corporate staff, all working towards the same goal. You will have a set of guidelines already laid out for you and a wealth of knowledge to draw from. You will also be setting the groundwork for the franchisees to come after you.