We Are Here to Help

At TapSnap we want to ensure your success which is why we provide in-depth training, 24/7 technical help, continuous product improvements, and marketing support.

TapSnap University

We know that beginning a new business may seem a little daunting, there can be a lot to learn, that’s where TapSnap University or TSU, as we like to call it, comes in. We get you started off on the right foot with four days of hands-on training at our head office, where you’ll meet our team and learn from each of their areas of expertise.

You will acquire everything you’ll need to know in order to run a successful TapSnap franchise. We will teach you all about the TapSnap product suite and how to operate each component – that includes setting up, trouble shooting, and event best practices. You will also learn how to operate the software you’ll need to book events and track sales. After that we cover social media, online marketing, and business operations.

You’ll leave TSU with the knowledge you’ll need to hit the ground running, plus access to the resources that will help you long the way.

Your Franchise Agreement includes the cost of a single attendee to TSU. Travel costs and additional attendees ($750 each) are not included.

SnapCentral Call Center

SnapCentral is our call center, here to provide your customers with exceptional customer service. Experts in our products, they can answer questions, provide information, and book events for you via our toll free number, email, and live chat.

Franchise and Technical Support

In addition to the three days of training you’ll receive, we also provide ongoing franchise and technical support. We arm you with the know-how to operate your franchise, but we know you will still have questions and need assistance along the way, which is why you can call or email us with any questions you may have, ask for advice, and give us your feedback. Should you have technical issues or questions, we also provide 24/7 technical support, with remote access support, as well as automatic software upgrades.

Product Development

Our full-time Product Development team works to keep TapSnap ahead of the curve. Not only do they keep our products and software current with updates and improvements, but they are always working on what’s next, keeping us ahead of the competition. That’s how we’re always able to grow and add new products that take advantage of evolving technology.

National Corporate Events Team

Our National Corporate Events Team is always working to secure large, national events for our franchisees. They have the experience and knowledge to negotiate and manage multi-day and multi-city events for some of the world’s largest brands, not just here in North America, but around the world.


Our Marketing team is here to promote TapSnap’s brand nationally, as well as help you with your local marketing. We have libraries of ads, graphics, and social media content to help you promote your franchise within your Marketing Area. In addition, we’re always creating new marketing and sending out reminders, updates, and advice on how to market.

The Branding Fund

TapSnap is responsible for branding to help build awareness and recognition on a national level. We achieve this through a number of avenues and are always tweaking the fund to maximize results.

The national branding that we do for franchisees is meant to augment their own local marketing initiatives. The Branding Fund is for national branding and meant to generate awareness so that when someone does see a franchisee in their community at an event or sees their ad online they recognize it.

Video Production

TapSnap also invests in video production to support the marketing of the TapSnap experience and of our products. All of our videos can be found on our YouTube Channel and a portion of them can be found throughout our website.

We encourage our franchisees to send potential customers links to relevant videos and to post them on social media.

Product Placement

We work with industry contacts to bring TapSnap to a wide array of television shows for a variety of event types. On Dr. Phil and The Doctors we entertain their guests in the green room, in return for on-air shout outs and social media mentions. We’ve also done parties for The Big Bang Theory and Orange is the New Black, in addition to appearing on Divas and King of the Nerds. Our TapSnap Studio photo booth was recently featured in an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s TV show 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Facebook Retargeting

Any event guest that uses a TapSnap kiosk, anywhere in the world, has their email address entered into SnapBook. We use this database of email addresses to retarget event guests with TapSnap advertising on Facebook.